12 thoughts on “Can You Melt Body Fat With Heat

  1. What percentage of body fat is water, if any?
    A friend of mine insists that if we can compress the body fat that it will “melt” away and then we urinate it out. Please provide references to support your answer. Thanks.
    Hypothesis: Girdles and Bras can compress body fat which results in weight loss.

  2. How do you think these factors affect the ability of an infant to regulate its body temperature?
    A premature infant typically lacks subcutaneous adipose tissue. Also, the surface area of an infant’s small body is relatively large compared to its volume.

  3. What is a reliable, safe supplement to lose belly fat?
    I am average sized, not skinny, but not overweight. I want to take something that either gives me more energy so I last longer at the gym OR something to help my belly fat melt away faster. Any suggestions? The more natural the better.

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