14 thoughts on “Beyond Diet 5 Foods To Avoid

  1. What are some examples of food that I can eat to improve my weight loss efforts?
    I am a heavy cyclist using cycling as means to lose weight and I need to get an idea of good foods to eat. I cycle about 5 days a week and I am working on longer rides tp help with the weight loss…

  2. What is the difference between a vegan and vegetarian ?
    I over heard someone say that vegan’s won’t have “Anything”to do with foods connected to animals,even honey(?)Will someone explain the difference with facts and details,please.
    Why did you become a vegan/vegetarian?

  3. what should i eat in my 5 small healthy meals to boost my metabolism?
    I’m 5’5 age 16 and 150lbs. i would want to be between 117-125. PLEASE list some healthy small meals and i dont do much exercise but i have p.e at school and every friday we have mile day we run 4 laps on the soccor field.

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